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5 Tech Items You Can Buy with Bitcoin (BTC) on

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I remember when I first mined my 150 bitcoins. It was fun seeing my computer produce something my friends thought was useless. But only until we realized that my 150 Bitcoins were worth $68 each, totaling a little over $10k of my crypto holdings. I did not know what to do with it. At that time I was a newbie and did not know of any exchange or a place where I could sell this.

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Serverless computing explained


Serverless is a relatively new program design that lets you build programs that seem as if the cloud were built for them. You don’t worry about infrastructure and management; you just write code.

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FBI warns of increasing ransomware, firmware attacks

It’s not just your IT shop. Ransomware, insider threats, and attacks on firmware and hardware are growing cyberthreats, reports an FBI spokesperson.

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Energy-efficient technologies for the digital economy

When it comes to powering the IT infrastructure of the future, the transition to both a clean power system and more efficient IT architectures is critical.

Bitcoin is not normally associated with energy efficiency, but the recent explosion of interest in the cryptocurrency has raised fears that new technologies can place undue pressure on the world’s power supply.

Thousands of specialized computers worldwide are now employed to create or “mine” bitcoins and, in the process, authenticate transactions and protect the system. These mining enterprises have become huge endeavors, consuming megawatts of power. In fact, bitcoin mining is now so energy-intensive that its estimated ...

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NetApp and Synology top NAS storage systems survey

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A storage pioneer and relative newcomer land top honors in our 10th Quality Awards NAS storage systems survey of midrange and enterprise users.

NAS stands for network attached storage -- but it's also the first three letters of "nasty." And judging by the tough evaluation standards of our survey respondents, NAS system vendors better sit up and take notice -- or run for cover.

The respondents to our 10th Quality Awards survey for NAS systems, continuing a trend we saw developing last year, were tough critics of their NAS vendors and systems in both the midrange and enterprise...

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