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5 Tech Items You Can Buy with Bitcoin (BTC) on

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I remember when I first mined my 150 bitcoins. It was fun seeing my computer produce something my friends thought was useless. But only until we realized that my 150 Bitcoins were worth $68 each, totaling a little over $10k of my crypto holdings. I did not know what to do with it. At that time I was a newbie and did not know of any exchange or a place where to sell it. It was 2013, I was a recently married guy at that time so the $10k would be quite useful if converted to USD. I had no way to spend my BTC for anything, not to say people did not even know what Bitcoin is at that time after.

About a year down the road I already forgot I had my Bitcoins until a friend of mine asked me if I still have any. He mentioned that the price topped $800 at one point. I quickly looked up the price of BTC, it was at $500 something. I knew I had to figure out a way to make use of my crypto holdings. So I did more research, asked around, and that’s when I found out about Mt. Gox and Bitstamp. I also found out that websites started popping out where people traded their Bitcoins for USD in person. A couple weeks later I was able to cash in on my Bitcoins with an acquaintance of my friend who was an investor in the SF Bay Area.

Of course 3 years later I regretted I ever sold my Bitcoins because the 150 coins I had would be worth almost $2.5 million US dollars. But oh well… At least my wife and I were able to make a down-payment for our first house. What was a hobby just playing around on my computer turned into a good paycheck and let me move much more ahead. I did mine more Bitcoins again after that but not as many as the mining difficulty went up greatly.

Looking at things now I see how things in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are rapidly changing landscape. Compared to where this was in 2014, I think we are much more ahead. And it’s still developing. At least we are now able to easily cash in on our crypto or buy it securely and without much hassle.

Below I will share some things you can actually purchase with cryptocurrency now. There are quite a lot of places that are trusted and accept crypto such as BTC, ETH, LTC and others. It’s fun to see how what used to be considered as a useless piece of code has turned into a tool that actually be utilized in so many different ways!

So let’s give this a try.

  1. BitMiner Mini GPU miner

Price: 0.39 BTC or 11.30 ETH

You can buy a cryptocurrency miner to diversify your holdings and hedge against the market volatility. While the hardware holds a more steady value for a longer period of time it can actually produce some more coins for you. It’s just like an investor putting in money in a company and get regular dividends on his investment from day 1 for as long as he’s a part of it.

BitMiner Mini was designed specifically for households with limited space or where electricity could be included in rent. With a modern, brushed aluminum exterior this unit will fit in any household, even a downtown studio room. It’s the quietest, smallest and most powerful for it’s size and price compared to other similar miners offered on the market.

It’s two Nvidia GPU cards can mine different algorithms and produce as much as 60Mhs mining Ethereum, or mine new coins such as Grin and Beam at 8 Gphs as well as many others. In addition to it’s mining ability it can also be used as a PC for basic computing when not being used for mining. But you’d rather use it for mining.

View the item here >

2. BitMiner G3 — 10x NVIDIA GPU Mining Server for GRIN and more

Price: 3.14 BTC or 91.9 ETH

Up your game a bit and buy a 9x more powerful miner for some serious mining. This one won’t be a good fit for your living room or studio apartment. But if you have room in your garage and capacity for 2500 Watt device, this one is for you.

Packed with 10x NVIDIA GPU’s gives enough power to start mining like they do in a professional mining farm. Mining Grin? You can generate about 1.5 Grin coins per day with this machine.

The rack type of design allows for these to be stacked if you decide to scale.

Units are assembled and shipped from USA, along with 1 year limited warranty.

View the item here >

3. Intel NUC Desktop Computer (with 27" monitor, wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and Logitech Premium Speakers)

Price: 0.5 BTC or 14.5 ETH

Looking to upgrade your desktop computing or office? Here’s a good one to consider. Intel NUC is a small factor computer with Intel hardware customized by vendors to create different configurations. But don’t be fooled by it’s size. This thing packs the latest generation of Core i5 processors, fast 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a lightning fast Solid State drive for storage from Samsung. This small unit will give you more performance than most computers you would

Complete this desktop system with a 27" LED Monitor with Anti-Flicket Eye Saver Technology from Asus, a wireless set of keyboard and mouse, and Logitech MX premium speakers.

With this set you should be good for another 5 years, not worrying of slowing down or not enough computing power.

View the item here >

4. Roobi X — AI & Deep Learning System 2x NVIDIA Tesla V100

Price: 10.23 BTC or 299.2 ETH

Getting your feet wet in Deep Learning? This is a perfect machine not only for beginning but for a moderate AI developer.

The two Nvidia Tesla V100 32GB Accelerators are the top rated in the industry for deep learning. Complete with Intel Core i9 Extreme 18 core CPU, 64GB of RAM, 16TB SSD RAID and 1TB NVMe SSD of storage, this thing is ready to compete with NVIDIA’s DGX Deep Learning servers.

With 224 TeraFLOPS of deep learning performance your model training can be done in a fraction of time.

Check out the specs and other information about this machine here >

5. BitPay Card — Bitcoin Debit Card

Finally, if you didn’t find anything you like on check this out. This is definitely not a technology device, but I consider this a perfect technological solution for the modern world, because I wish I had this in 2013 with my 150 Bitcoins.

What is this? It’s a re-loadable VISA debit card that converts your BTC to USD when you swipe it at a store or a gas station. Simply send your Bitcoin to your card’s address and spend it anywhere VISA is accepted.

I got one for myself. Hope you find this useful too!

Get your BitPay card here >

Guest article post by: Andy Soloa

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